Mobridge in History


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Mobridge in History

by Benjamin Thompson

signed copies available

Did you Know?…A famous battle took place only a few miles from Mobridge on an island in the Missouri

Did you Know?…Mobridge settler T.J. Thompson was one of Sitting Bull’s pall bearers

Did you Know?…The restored 1907 Mobridge State Bank is one of only a handful of metal-clad banks in the country

Loads of fascinating history that you’ve never heard

Mobridge’s place in world and national events

Nearly 120 color photos, paintings and maps

Stunning paintings by reknowned western artists Tom Lovell and Frank McCarthy

Gallery of beautiful landscape photos by the author

Stone Ridge Press/Benj Books

ISBN: 978-0-9909158-0-5

98 pages

18 chapters

Nearly 120 color photos, paintings & maps

8×8 in.


Meet the Author… Benjamin Thompson (New Hope, Minnesota) Ben was born and raised in Mobridge, South Dakota. He is the grandson of T.J. Thompson, Sr., one of Mobridge’s earliest settlers. After a three-year stint in the U.S. Coast Guard, he received his pharmacy degree from South Dakota State University and went on to a long career at Minneapolis’s North Memorial Hospital. During a three-year project, Ben moved and restored the 1907 Mobridge State Bank, one of only a few historic metal-clad banks in the country. Ben lives in New Hope, Minnesota with his wife, Mae Lou.


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