Dragonflies of the North Woods: guide 102 species

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Dragonflies of the North Woods

Written by: Kurt Mead

Winner of the National Outdoor Book Award, this newly revamped comprehensive reference guide will lead you to all 103 species of North Woods dragonflies and some common damselflies. It’s the first guide exclusively for Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and northwestern Ontario. We’ve added maps for all species, better photos and several “Quick Keys” for field mark identification. Here is some of the fascinating knowledge you’ll gain about the “winged dragons”:

  • The common Green Darner makes a 1,000-mile migration to the southern United States.
  • The Dragonhunter is a dragonfly so fierce it eats large butterflies, and even other dragonflies!

200-plus color photos
193 pages/softcover


Retail $18.95

ISBN 978-0-9792006-5-6


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